Leftovers and traditions in starred kitchens

Every ingredient has its value and deserves our respect. Reusing food allows us to discover new uses for many ingredients in our everyday kitchens, while also giving us a chance to inject new life into old recipes.

Check out all of our Tempi di Recupero events dates. We’ll be organising dinners, brunches and presentations: all of our favourite ways to talk about the fight against food waste. Find out all of our dates.

A collections of the first five years of Tempi di Recupero, our philosophy and our thoughts on sustainability.

The protagonists

In the kitchen

Tempi di Recupero is based on the passion and on the work of chefs, hosts and azdore, traditional home cooks: all the creative people that help us make this dream a reality.

We are bringing six years of experience on how to reuse and how to best avoid food waste. We can cater to your needs with many different proposals, creating unique experiences with a shared theme

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