Chef del Recupero

Whether you’re a host, chef, cook, or restaurateur, recovery is at the heart of your daily life!
The Chef del Recupero is an innovative, creative, and mindful individual who enjoys offering cuisine with taste and awareness.
Recovery Cuisine is circular, attentive to sustainability, to the complete use of ingredients, to quality, and to the story that each dish tells. It’s culture, tradition, innovation, awareness, taste.
Every excuse is good for recovery!

The Chef (chef/cook/host):

  1. Pursues the philosophy of sustainability in both cuisine and hospitality, maintaining a mindful approach to food from sourcing to presentation.
  2. Sources and purchases sustainable productions, with a strong focus on respecting the land and circular economy.
  3. Highlights and values local products and productions with particular attention to biodiversity conservation.
  4. Creates cuisine that emphasizes the integral use of raw materials, often incorporating creative dishes that draw from tradition.
  5. Is mindful of environmental issues, for example, using reusable, compostable, and recyclable materials, as well as practices related to water and energy consumption.
  6. Respects the work of individuals, offers staff training on recovery themes, and promotes social inclusivity.


Tempi di Recupero guarantees:
  • Participation in the Network, which includes chefs, hosts, winemakers, bartenders, gelato makers, and
  • Extensive collaboration among network members for joint dinners and events (e.g., multi-chef events involving bartenders, wines, and products), privileged access to network producers/products.
  • Usage of the association’s logo: in the venue, on menus, on digital channels.
  • Promotion of enogastronomic and touristic opportunities of the “Tempi di Recupero” network on social media channels like Facebook and Instagram, through press releases to journalists and food bloggers.
  • Sharing of up-to-date information on general recovery and food awareness themes.
  • Direct participation in association initiatives aimed at the public to raise awareness of recovery themes directed towards venues that offer it.
  • Involvement in internal association initiatives (conferences, presentations, publications, etc.) that support and stimulate mindful approaches to recovery themes.
  • Facilitated access, where available, to national and international sector events.


The member:
  • Adheres to the philosophy of Tempi di Recupero and commits to pursuing it.
  • Promotes their participation in the association and the recovery network.