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Carlo Catani

Carlo Catani

After 9 years working in a bank, he decided to turn his passion for food and wine into a job.  He started by managing a restaurant and then by helping in the development of the University of Gastronomic Sciences which he ran for 5 years. Nowadays he manages Cinemadivino events, collaborates with the Chef to Chef association and works as an advisor for food and wine events companies.

Laura Demerciari

Half architect, half gastronome, her core values are sustainability and resiliency. She is an architect, a food historian and she honed her skills in the Slow Food philosophy. Today she is a business consultant and helps develop gastronomic events and projects.

Marco Ghezzi

He has spent the last twenty years between publishing and technology. He was an independent publisher, a manager for the Feltrinelli group, the founder of BookRepublic (the first Italian ebook platform) and the creator of BorgoIndie, a festival dedicated to food, wine and independent music. He is also one of the founders of Quinto Quarto Edizioni.

Maura Romeo

After finishing a degree in anthropology, she spent many years carrying out field research on indigenous populations in South America. When she was “accidentally” assigned the position of director of the Livraria da Travessa Leblon in Rio De Janeiro, she fell in love with books and publishing. Since then, she has never stopped this pursuit. First she managed a book store, then a library and, since 2014 she has been running the sales department of Minimum Fax. She is a publisher, along with Marco Ghezzi, of Quinto Quarto Edizioni. She is also an omnivore

Elisa Azzimondi | Tempi di Recupero

Elisa Azzimondi

An editor and director of the food division for Minerva Edizioni, she also collaborates with Slow Food in the writing of Guide to Italy’s Best Osterias and other titles on top of working on other interesting projects.
A professional sommelier and a food historian, she loves to tell stories about food, about life and about people who work hard everyday to guarantee quality and biodiversity.

Andrea Zoli | Tempi di Recupero

Andrea Zoli

Born in 1984, he is a true Faentino, a passionate lover, an illustrator and a waiter. A lover of good wine and great food, he published (as an illustrator) two books: “Il mio nome è Ultras” and “Enciclopedia Sociale”. He also designed graphics for toys, created sketches for planners and images for t-shirts, honey and whatever other projects tickled his imagination.

Instagram: theonlyinimitablezoli


Andrea Piffari | Tempi di Recupero

Andrea Piffari

Born in 1983, he is a photographer who lives in Faenza, but works everywhere. He studied photography in Rome at the ISFCI and has been a professional photographer since 2010. He is always searching for a vision of beauty.

Web: www.andreapiffari.com


Stefania Federico | Tempi di Recupero

Stefania Federico

After working for 9 years in sales, she decided to change everything and put her energy towards something closer to her interests: good food, arts and culture. She works in communication, creating web content and planning events. She is very precise, she believes in ideas and even more in people who believe in their own ideas. She writes for a local blog about culture and current affairs. She lives in Romagna but she is originally from Lombardia.

See also:
Stefania on LinkedIn

Giulia Mirotti | Tempi di Recupero

Giulia Mirotti

Gastronomy is love at first sight. After studying at the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo, she got fascinated by different landscapes and food products and she made a job out it, working for 4 years in planning and managing gastronomic travel experiences in extraordinary destinations. Today she collaborates with Chef to Chef association and other food education initiatives, she’s a consultant for both food and wine companies and she’s working in event management with chefs’ –  Al Meni for example. She’s always looking for new projects able to share ideas full of awareness, coherence and passion.


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