Our Mission

Food is life, so it must not be wasted


To raise awareness about the importance of food recovery and good practices on how to avoid waste during daily people’s lives


To organize convivial and pleasant meetings where to talk about important topics in a simple but not banal way


To recover the culinary lost traditions, especially the ones focused on the reuse of ingredients and the ones where the use of the whole animal and vegetable scraps is a priority


To collaborate with restaurants, companies and individuals in order to strengthen our message in the convivial and inclusive way that distinguishes us


To have positive impacts on aspects related to global sustainability as pollution, global warming, biodiversity, and distribution of food resources


To promote and sustain food recovery’s culture and the right use of the available resources


To stimulate creativity in the kitchen in order to discover new ways to cook ingredients that are usually considered as waste


To create synergies with other ways of recovery on products and people as in art


To create an international network that connects and gives visibility to all the projects about food recovery


To sustain non profit organizations that promote food recovery

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