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On 5 February 2019 it is the Chinese New Year that in the zodiac of that culture inaugurates the year of the pig, the last of the 12 signs. The pig is particularly dear to the Chinese, the ideogram of home and family is a roof with a hanging pig’s paw. So very close to our peasant culture. And we like to remember it today because the anniversary this year coincides with the International Day against food waste.

Fighting food waste through better use of food is the reason why Recovery Times exists. There are very noble associations, active at the end of the supply chain, I think of refood, lastminutemarket and waste , but also to counterfeit , refresh , and retrieve , to name a few, that do an important job and capillary going to withdraw surplus food from restaurants and supermarkets to redistribute it to people who find it difficult to get food.

The numbers are impressive, in Italy the food waste is quantified in 2.2 million tons of food a year. That becomes 1.3 billion tons annually worldwide.

In our small way we start from another point of view: what can each of us do every day, to avoid food waste? Our answer is to buy the products carefully, thinking about our real needs, using all the parts of vegetables and animals, giving new life to the leftovers. The market wants to sell so it follows trends, it does not. In this we have enormous power if the intent is common.

To change habits, however, you have to get out of the comfort zone, so here you need new ideas, in this case in the kitchen. They may be the ones that our Protagonists suggest to us , but they can be the ones you suggest. Each of us has some recipe in the drawer or on the table, which can share to fight food waste, the easiest will be condiments, pies, the reuse of bread, broths with scraps of animals and vegetables, and so on.


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