The goal of this project is to make sustainability clear and practical for our everyday lives. Initially, this all started as a game: to create convivial dinners that were more than just a great meal. In time, the project developed organically into something more, it changed shape and its intent became more noble, while keeping the appearance of a simple gesture.
Constant thoughts on cooking, sustainability and on the role that each one of us can play on this planet, convinced us that Tempi di Recupero could be the best tool to discuss more than a good meal. One step at a time, the nose to tail approach, lost traditions and leftovers became our protagonists.

Many people have contributed: wise azdore, great hosts and creative chefs have all taken on the challenge of creating a meal based solely on leftovers, giving us their interpretation of sustainability. Our protagonists have gone deep into the depths of the refrigerator and used their memory and sensibility to work on this theme; to give helpful ideas on how to reuse food both at home and in the restaurant. Currently, our aim is to instil this philosophy in as many people as possible, driving a change that, we think, is long overdue. We want our little idea to grow into something that can influence the whole supply chain.
It’s a slow but efficient process which we can see everyday: organic products used to be rarely seen in large supermarkets, but nowadays they are one of the main market drivers in the food sector. We believe that reuse is an ethical theme that cannot be ignored any longer.

Decalogo Tempi di Recupero

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