POP member

The POP Member of Tempi di Recupero is an advocate attentive to the issues of food recovery and circular economy. They contribute to the training and strengthening of the network of recovery practitioners, custodians of traditions, land, and territory, and protagonists of stories and memories of places and people.


Tempi di Recupero guarantees:
  • Participation in the Tempi di Recupero network alongside chefs, hosts, cooks, gelato makers, and winemakers
  • Discounts on all Tempi di Recupero events, dinners, workshops, festivals, etc.
  • Discounts on select products from winemakers, artisans, and gelato makers

Here are the available membership options to meet your needs:


POP Member del Recupero: 20€
Defender POP member del Recupero: 100€

Because you believe in sustainability and in our project, and want to participate in the activities of our Network.

Champion POP member del Recupero: 250€

Because you not only believe in sustainability and in our project but also want to personally engage. Includes a plaque illustrated by Andrea Zoli for Tempi di Recupero.