What we can do together

We bring to the table seven years of experience in increasing the awareness on how to reduce food waste. Together we will be able to create unique and high-quality experiences.

What we do and what we can share with you

1. Tempi di Recupero, dinner (or lunch)
This is the core and the engine of Tempi di Recupero. The chefs involved cook at their restaurants or are hosted by their colleagues. The atmosphere is always warm and friendly according to the Tempi di Recupero’s philosophy.

2. Tempi di Recupero Week
It is the annual event about food upcycling occurring simultaneously all over the world. You can join it by creating and cooking a dish or an entire menu for one or more days during the week.

3. Il Gelato del Recupero
The protagonists are the ice cream makers who are challenged to create uncommon, delicious and out of the box flavors thanks to their deep knowledge and skills.

4. Tempi di Recupero New Collective
Food service is the area of the food industry where food rescue can have a higher impact. The project has a 360° view upon several matters including working hours, deliveries and, of course, canteens (schools, companies, hospitals).

5. Tempi di Recupero Training
Meetings, workshops and classes for companies, institutions and schools related to food.

6. Tempi di Recupero Catering
Thanks to our strong network of food up-cyclers, we organize dinners and caterings for individuals and companies.

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