Tempi di Recupero Week 22-23

The week that brings together chef, cooks, gekato makers, artisans, bartenders, winemakers, and individuals from around the world in the name of sustainability in the kitchen!


November 18 to 27, 2022!

and the second round from February 5 to 15, 2023!


A week dedicated to Tempi di Recupero simultaneously around the world.

 Each participant has carte blanche to build his or her own menu and show their way to be sustainable in the kitchen. 

Read on to find out how to participate to the Tempi di Recupero Week!


The fifth edition is also doubled over two dates that give the opportunity to tell in two sessions what we care about, the way we care about it. The first week is Nov. 18-27, 2022, and the second week is Feb. 5-15, 2023, involving creative chefs, cooks, gelato makers, artisans, winemakers, bartenders, and enthusiasts who have the opportunity to offer special and original sustainable dishes.

The starting date of the first round of the Tempi di Recupero Week was chosen to coincide with the European Week for Waste Reduction whose theme this year is “circular and sustainable textiles.” The theme is not directly related to the initiatives of Tempi di Recupero, but it is important to ideally support the project by strengthening activities at this time. Not only that, the choice coincides with the VI Week of Italian Cuisine in the World, in which the Cultural Association Tempi di Recupero obviously feels involved.

Fill out the online form to tell us who you are, what menu you will be preparing, and when!
You will be officially registered for TdR Week and become a full member of the Tempi di Recupero network!
The menu can be prepared by following these sustainable practices:
from the day before
The fifth quarter
of meat, fish, vegetables
What we do:
  • We localize your restaurant and your information on our website
  • We send you a Tempi di Recupero membership card valid for one year and we welcome you to our network and to the benefits it offers
  • We will share with you our logos and the social media kit to be shared on your profiles
  • If you would like to, we will also send you your menu
How to participate
  • Develop a menu -or even just a few dishes, if you prefer- based on the 3 categories mentioned above (just one or all of them, wherever and however you like)
  • You can choose whether to propose your dish or menu for a single day or for multiple days, as long as they are included within the Tempi di Recupero Week from Friday, Feb. 18 to Sunday, Feb. 27 (you tell us which days you will propose your dish or menu!)
  • You can arrange to attend the event as you prefer: set a maximum number of people to join the event and reserve only a portion of your restaurant’s capacity for it, or offer the menu as an alternative to a la carte for all tables
  • We ask you to propose the sustainable menu at a slightly lower price than the tasting manu or the corresponding number of dishes chosen a la carte (for example, if the restaurant’s menu proposal is 70 Euros, the Tempi di Recupero Week menu could be 65 Euros). Specify whether the price includes or excludes beverages
  • Complete the registration by filling out the online form and paying the registration fee
Or perhaps you want to join the TdR Week Insieme mode?

It means organizing dinners with at least two chefs/cooks: in November one chef hosts a colleague, who makes one more dish than the chef playing at home. In February: they exchange their roles!

Or perhaps you want to join the TdR Week con il Produttore mode?

It means organizing meetings and menus that include other key players of the Tempi di Recupero network such as artisans, gelato makers, bartenders or winemakers, and with whom to design an event that uses products from all of them.

Or perhaps you want to join the TdR Week Consapevole mode?

It means thinking about menus inspired by the book Il chilometro consapevole by Carlo Catani and Carlo Petrini (2022 Slow Food Editore). Participants can choose to emphasize one of the awareness themes mentioned in the book. To give a few examples: using local products that are attentive to the well-being of the earth, or that are carefully processed by the people involved; products that have low impact on water, attentive to animal welfare, or related to the defense of biodiversity, or without packaging that impacts the planet. All while remaining mindful of the principles of circular cooking and the integral use of raw materials.

What to do after sending us your participation information?

Tempi di Recupero is a nonprofit cultural association that carries on its initiatives thanks to you who choose to help us. At the same time, we are very keen to continue supporting two projects that are related in purpose and philosophy:

La Lanterna di Diogene, a social and gastronomic project in Bomporto (MO)
Food for Change, a Slow Food’s project to fight climate change

We have also thought of the following formula that includes a participation fee, renewal or a new membership card to Tempi di Recupero and a fee of 10€ for the two supported projects.

This will be done by making a contribution from among the following:

Difensore del Recupero: 100€  (TdR Week participation + New or Renewal membership card + €10 donation to associations)

Campione del Recupero: 250  (TdR Week participation + New or Renewal membership card + €10 donation to associations)

Socio Pop: 45   (TdR Week participation + New or Renewal membership card + €10 donation to associations)

If you would like to add a contribution greater than the €10 – already included in the registration fee – please indicate on the registration form the amount you will pay extra to support La Lanterna di Diogene and Food for Change

Fill out the online form to tell us who you are, what menu you will be preparing, and when! You will be officially enrolled in the Week and become a full-fledged Tempi di Recupero member!

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